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What To Do After Your Home Has Been Broken Into

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Experiencing burglary is tough for any homeowner. Apart from losing precious belongings, the emotional impact of a burglary can be overwhelming. To cope with the aftermath of a home break-in, you have to follow the right steps to put everything back in order. If you have recently experienced this unfortunate event, do these five smart things to help you and your family bounce back from the ordeal.

  1. Leave the house and call the police

The majority of burglars will run after realising you are approaching, but some may hide and pose significant threats to your family. If you reach home and notice you have been robbed, leave the house immediately and call the securities. You don’t have to verify that items have been stolen before you involve the police. If you were not present at the time of the incident, don’t enter the building to make the call. Do it outdoors or at your neighbour’s place instead. Calling the police is also advisable in the event of an attempted break-in. The presence of law enforcement officers will scare away the lurkers, and the authors will gather the necessary intelligence to help catch the potential culprit.

  1. Talk to your insurance company

Consider complaining to your insurance company after determining what items are missing. Your insurer will take you through the claim process and the right ways to re-secure your home. This may include arranging for professionals like VicLocks to replace the locks with advanced ones. It helps to review your home security to ensure a burglary doesn’t happen again. Burglars may return if they believe you have replaced the stolen items without security updates. Upgrading your home with smart alarms, cameras, and security lighting is a good strategy to deter potential intruders in the future.

  1. Inform your neighbours and look after yourself

Let your neighbours understand you have been robbed so that the entire community will stay extra careful. This will enable the community to work together to combat crime. If you experience emotional trauma after the event, reach out to professionals and family or friends for support. 

  1. Take care of the kids and pets

In the event of a break-in, parents will want to keep the kids safe by sending them to friends or relatives until they restore order to the home. This may be important, especially if the burglar creates unimaginable havoc. Kids may struggle to control their emotions when they discover their “safe place” is no longer safe. Pets, too, may react to a burglary, so take care of them. You may find your little furry friend hiding in a corner after the situation.

  1. View the footage of the break-in when possible

Homeowners with security cameras will want to view the video footage of the break-in. Ensure you emotionally prepare yourself to witness the break-in on camera. The police and your insurer may need the footage as additional documented proof. You can also use the recorded video to determine the security loopholes in your home for major updates.