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5 Effective Ways to Battle Mosquitoes in Home

Mosquitoes are one of the pests that we wanted to end in this world. These annoying pests bring so many harmful types of viruses. If left unnoticed, they will suck your blood until they’re satisfied.

Although mosquitoes can bite you anytime they want, they are far more aggressive during the night time. When your friends and family are ready to enjoy doing some activities in your backyard, mosquitoes will do everything to drive you inside your house.

Today, we’re going to discuss five effective ways to battle mosquitoes in your home. These provide a simple method, and you can purchase most of the items in the online market. So, let’s get started without further ado.

  1. Use Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants

If you wish to use natural methods, we recommend that you grow plants that are effective against mosquitoes. These plants include citronella, basil, and lemongrass. These plants provide excellent repellent against mosquitoes.

Aside from that, you can also try recipes online that use oils from these plants to create homemade and natural mosquito repellants.

  1. Use Mosquito Repellent Lotion and Oil

Another effective method of battling mosquitoes is through purchasing a repellent lotion or oil. These are useful items that keep mosquitoes at bay.

Besides, these products are low in cost. You can purchase mosquito repellent in your leading drugstores and supermarkets.

  1. Install Window Screen and Gap of Entrance Door

If you don’t have any window screen, we highly suggest that you purchase and install it. It will be your primary shield against mosquitoes. 

Also, it would be best if you fixed the gaps of your exterior doors. That’s because this door is responsible for welcoming many mosquitoes and other pests like bugs and rats.

  1. Clean the Drain Line Pipes and Rain Gutters

Mosquitoes love to stay in humid and wet areas. Not only that, but they can also quickly multiply if you have any stagnant waters. To prevent this from happening, all we have to do is to clean rain gutters and drain line pipes. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of these areas helps you to prevent any formation of stagnant water. Once you avoid any stagnant water, you can also prevent mosquitoes.

  1. Use Mosquito Coils

A mosquito coil offers a slow-burning incense smell that helps eliminate unwanted insects in your home. One of the cool things about mosquito coils 

is that they are affordable and best suited for people with tight budgets.

You can select a wide variety of scented smells, and it will depend on your personal preferences. Mosquito coils are commonly used in Asia, and you can often find them in hardware stores.

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, the tips are just plain and simple home remedies that you can use to get rid of unwanted mosquitoes inside your property. However, if you want to solve mosquito problems permanently, you need to call the experts.

Pest control Howell in New Jersey offers lots of professional methods and techniques to solve mosquitoes’ problems.