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The Advantages of Under floor Heating

Underfloor heating is almost certainly something that you’ve heard of, even if it’s not something that you’ve considered installing in your own home. It’s popularity has grown hugely in the last few years and it’s likely that in twenty years time we will all have it! Although most of us associate under-floor heating with flashy modern homes, when the truth is it’s been around since the ancient times and the whole concept hasn’t changed much! It you’re not already convinced, we’re going to go through the reasons we think it might be the answer in your home.

Works with most flooring

The good news is that under-floor heating is compatible with most flooring materials, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your dream floor to accommodate this fantastic invention. However it’s not able to work with all flooring solid wood being one of them. Solid wood warps and swells under changing temperatures. With solid wood being such a popular choice for flooring, it is worth doing you research before you set your heart on it! Don’t worry if you are set on wood flooring however, engineered wood is completely fine with underfloor heating as well as other materials such as laminate and luxury vinyl tiles, that you’re not having to sacrifice that gorgeous authentic look you’ve been craving! 

Ease To Run

Although under-floor heating is very disruptive to install, we promise you the benefits when it’s all ready will be worth it. It needs virtually no maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The warmup controls ensure your heating runs in the most profitable way possible, where you can decide when it comes on and off – meaning you can save on your heating by having it off when you’re not in need of it.

Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the best benefit of under-floor heating. Although it is expensive to install, we promise you that you’ll soon notice a difference in your heating bills! It requires less energy to run than traditional bulky radiators. This is because it only need to run on a temperature os 20 degree celsius or less in order to fully warm up the room. Less energy used means lower bills for you, perfect!

Appearance and Safety

Safety might not be something you’d think of straight away when it comes to heating, but it’s certainly something to consider especially if you have little ones charging about the place! There’s no need for ugly unsightly radiators, under floor heating will allow your home to look ultra modern and clean! From a safety point of view, there’s nothing for your little ones to burn their hands on or swing on…