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City Living Tips That You Shouldn’t Be Without

Whether you’re new to the big city or if you plan to move to a different one in the near future, it can often be difficult to cope with city life especially if you’ve never lived in a large urban environment. To help you get around more easily and cope with the change, here are a couple of city living tips that you should definitely follow!

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If you haven’t already, get an updated smartphone


A new smartphone is going to make your life so much easier in the city. Between the constant mobile data access, the detailed maps and the ability to play music to drown the noise pollution, it’s an essential device for anyone who plans to live for long-term in an urban environment. It can help if you change your carrier plan so that you’re not limited by data. After all, using mobile data to check maps, look up destinations to visit and check train times is going to cost you data, so make sure your phone plan has plenty.


Look for the right accommodation


Getting yourself a house in a major city is an unlikely scenario. Most people will look for new apartment homes when they move into a city because it’s cheaper, there is more availability and it’s more convenient. When you live in a city, you’ll be spending most of your time outside or indoors at home, there’s rarely ever an in-between state. You’ll either be working at home as a freelancer or remote employee with the occasional trip out to meet clients, or you’ll be stationed at an office and spend most of your time there. Either way, make sure your accommodation meets your needs.


Drop the car and use public transportation


Driving in a city is horrible. Anyone who’s lived in the city for a couple of years and owns a car knows this, but they still use their car for things such as driving to the grocery store, or times when they need to travel out of the city. If possible, get used to using public transportation so that you don’t need to worry about traffic, increased insurance costs and constant maintenance. Get used to taking the train, bus or even walking to your destination.


Understand when the rush hours are


Every city has rush hours where trains are packed and people are squeezed onto public transportation. If you plan to use the public transport (and you should) then try and learn what times it gets particularly busy. By understanding these times, you’ll be able to avoid rush hours when commuting to and from work or avoid packed trains when you just want to visit your friends for a meal.


Be social and interact with people


Cities are jam-packed with people, and you’re going to see the same few faces on your commute and you’ll be neighbours to a dozen people if you live in an apartment. Get to know your neighbours and get social. One of the best things about living in a large city is the ability to communicate with almost anyone, and the sheer number of people you could socialise with.