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The Dos And Don’ts To Staying Safe On The Road



Here’s all you need to know to stay safe on the road.


Don’t drive distracted

It’s so important not to drive distracted, and of course this means drinking and driving, but it also means not being on the phone too. This problem is getting more and more serious because as technology improves and social media becomes even more ‘important’ – drivers can’t seem to help but ‘snap’ while driving. This is a trend that shouldn’t be encouraged – it’s extremely dangerous, not only to yourself, but to everyone else on the road. So don’t be selfish – Instagram can wait until you’re home.


Do allow enough time

We have never been in so much of a hurry than as we are today. Today’s society wants everything done at super speed, and this can affect the way we drive because we’re in ‘fast mode’. Hurrying your driving may seem like a simple trick to keep in time with everyone else, but it’s extremely dangerous and drastically increases the risk of an accident. So rather than driving faster – leave your home earlier. This is not only responsible, but it allows time for things to go wrong, like being stuck in traffic or getting lost.


Don’t stress

There are always idiots that end up cutting you up or driving far too close behind you. This is very, very annoying, and it may irk you so much that you want to do something about it to release the anger, but don’t – it’s not worth it, and it’ll take the distraction away from your actual driving. Instead, take a deep breath and think about what you’re going to have for dinner tonight, or what you have planned for the weekend. – They’re not worth ruining your day for.


Do keep yourself covered

You should always make sure that you have yourself a lawyer at hand in the case of an accident, especially if it wasn’t your fault. Companies like Eric Palacios & Associates Law Firm are trained professionals to deal with any claims and to help you get what you deserve. Without this, you may find yourself cashing out on major repairs and possible medical bills that you shouldn’t even be responsible for.


Don’t drive sleepy

If you’re tired but need to be somewhere, get a taxi, go on some public transport, or ask a friend or family member to drop you where you need to go. It’s not worth the risk of driving sleepy.

Or if you’re already on the road, pull into the nearest service station and take a break. Have a nap in your car, or fill up on coffee. If you still don’t feel alert enough, rest and try again in a few hours.


Do keep up with regular maintenance

Just like it’s important for us to have regular checkups at the doctors, it’s important to get your vehicle regularly checked out at the garage to make sure everything is working how it should. Do any lights need replacing? Are your brakes working well enough? Do the tires have enough air in them? Does the oil need changing? – These are all things that will be looked at.