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5 Types of Land That Make Good Investments

Governments around the world need to protect the land we live on. Otherwise, building in some locations would get out of control. Governments do this by “zoning” areas so contractors and investors can only build certain types of buildings on certain types of land. This has opened a market to investors in a way that they can invest in different types of land to suit their portfolios and expertise. If you’re looking to do more with your money and invest in the different land types available, look at some of the most profitable investment opportunities below

1. Agricultural Land

We all need to eat, so investing in agricultural or farmland is a sure-fire way to get a decent return. Agricultural Investments aren’t easy to look for, nor are they easy to buy and sell, but they’re certainly worth looking at if you’re looking to do more with your money. Crawford Park Farming AG offer multiple agricultural investments, so getting advice from a similar company could help you get your foot in the door.

2. Residential Land

Of course, residential land is one of the most popular investments opportunities because of the yearly growth and population increase. Although it’s never a guaranteed return on investment opportunity (nothing is), once you’ve gained enough knowledge and experience in the industry, there’s nothing stopping you from earning millions. We all need somewhere to live and the government needs to house people in need, so investing in such land could prove to be an excellent choice for your portfolio.

3. Commercial Land

Our stores and supermarkets need somewhere to operate and they do that on commercial land. Without commercial land, our stores and supermarkets wouldn’t exist, so it’s definitely an investment worth considering if you want to get into an industry that offers unlimited earning potential. You’ll need a big investment or multiple partners to get involved, but huge profit margins and monthly revenues are always available to those looking to take a risk with their capital

4. Mineral Production Land

Of course, opportunities for getting into this type of land investment are few and far between, but if you have the capital, it’s nothing short of an excellent money maker – you’ll literally be sitting on a gold mine. Plenty of research is needed in case you fall victim to a scam, but there are some investment opportunities available and partnerships with new and existing mineral production businesses.

5. Timberland

Another excellent investment opportunity is when it comes to timberland. Timberland is still a growing trade, even with all the regulations in place. Finding good timberland for an investment is challenging and the opportunities available are slim. However, if you find the right contacts and businesses, investing in the timberland industry could pay dividends.

What you do with your time and money is completely up to you. But, if you really want to make your money work for you, the above investment opportunities in terms of buying land could well be the best thing you do.