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Is Your Current Budget Right For Real Estate?

When we think about owning our own home, we think of getting cozy in front of fireplace we paid for, truly revelling in our hard grafting up until this point. Whilst this is an idealistic view, it does hit the nail on the head for the amount of expectations you’re going to have to fulfil in order to become that relaxed! If you’re a first time home buyer, you’re going to need to make sure you have plenty of buffer on your side. A savings account here, some back payments there, and you should be ahead of the rest in your determination to finally land on your own two feet in a house on your own. Here’s a few money considerations for you think over before you decide to buy.


First of all, Your Deposit

If you want to be able to own your own property, you’re going to need to save up a little before you’re even on lookout for your dream home. On average this adds up from about 3% to 20% of the house’s actual price, so if you can’t square that away then now is not the time to go any bigger.

If you can save more than this usual price, and your best bet is to have about 5% tucked away, you can even get cheaper mortgage rates on the market. So really, having a good savings account behind you is the best thing to aspire to before moving onto the real estate market.

Know About the Hidden Costs

Hidden costs can come from anywhere. There’s quite a lot of effort that goes into buying a house, and that won’t just come from you. You’ll probably need to involve estate agents, solicitor’s, removal workers, and the like who all come with their own fees you’re going to have to pay off. has more of a concise list if you want to know more.

Then you have the home insurance to take into account; whilst not strictly necessary, you won’t be able to get a mortgage without some. When it comes to finding the right insurance for you, use sites like that of, as they’ll be able to match you with good providers that come with a stamp of approval. There’s no point trying to go it alone and getting scammed from a fraudulent provider, or end up with something you don’t need for twice the price.

Then there’s the Mortgage Payments

This is the main worry a first time buyer has to think about, and for good reason. However, don’t let yourself be immediately daunted by the idea of getting a mortgage. There are plenty of elements that go into it, and some checks will be carried out by lenders to make sure you really can afford to pay off a mortgage.

Waiting until you can manage all the costs of buying your own house can get tiring, but at the end of the day it’s more worth it than otherwise.