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Planning a wedding? Here’s how you can save money for your big day

We all know that weddings are expensive, but you may be unprepared to see just how much prices explode when you mention the “W” word. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you keep your budget in check, so you’ll have more money for your Honeymoon.

Here are our top money-saving tips for your wedding:

Choose your day wisely

If you schedule your ceremony and reception during a less-popular time, you can save some serious cash. Whenever there is less competition, you have more power for negotiation. Everyone wants a Spring, Summer, or Fall wedding but if you plan yours in November or between January and March (excluding February 14th) you could save up to 30%.

Another thing to consider? The day of the week you choose. Saturday is the most popular day by far, but Friday and Sunday are becoming more popular, and you’ll be more likely to get the weekend you want (at a better price).

Consider your venue

Your venue will make up a large portion of the total cost of your wedding. Instead of a typical country club or wedding reception hall, think outside the box. From civic gardens to zoos, restaurants, to the beach, there are plenty of great locations that may mean more to you than the standard venue, while costing you a lot less.

Say yes to the dress

The dress is usually one of the most important aspects of the wedding for most brides. But it’s definitely possible to find a gorgeous dress without breaking out the credit card. Places like Filene’s have annual sales, and you could find a $2,000 dress for less than $300, or you could check out Vera Wang’s sample sale, where you could save up to 70% on shoes, veils, headpieces, and gowns.

Be smart with invitations

Wedding invitations can really add up. But there are ways you can create a gorgeous invite without spending too much money on the paper. Another thing to consider? Your wedding guest book ideas. Instead of choosing an expensive option at a dedicated store, check out options online. You can get these customized, and you’ll still pay less than if you went through a wedding store.

Choose the right flowers

Florists can often get discounts by ordering in bulk. Instead of choosing a huge range of flowers, choose two or three and go for a monochromatic look. You can also choose local and seasonal flowers to cut costs, since your florist won’t need to order and import any out-of-season or exotic flowers.

If you’re the artistic type (or you know someone who is), you can make your own centerpieces by using a wholesale website to order the flowers. Simply check some cool how-to articles to see how you can create your own bouquets and centerpieces. Another good option? Costco. They’ll ship centerpieces and bouquets straight to you at a huge discount.