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Money Well Spent

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When you are so used to saving every penny by simply buying the cheapest thing, it is easy to overlook those things that are actually worth spending a little bit extra on. These things might have a large up front cost, but in the long term, they will actually have a better impact on your finances because they last longer or are more efficient.

The idea behind this is ‘cost per use’. To work out the cost per use of anything, simply divide the original price by the number of uses you’re going to get out of it. So say you spend $5 on a t-shirt and it lasts 5 wears before you have to chuck it away, it has a cost of $1 a go. But if you spend $25 on another t-shirt and that one lasts 50 wears – that one has a cost of 50 cents and is much better value.


Here are a few other things that are worth the extra spend:

Excellent Sheets

Bed sheets should last a long time, but they should also be kind to your skin. There’s no point sticking with cheaper sheets that make you feel itchy in the night. More expensive sheets often have a higher thread count which makes them feel softer and last longer. And, with a bit of smart shopping, you can find sheets like these overstock queen sheets on sale for cut down prices.

That’s even better for your unit cost!

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The best way to save electricity is to make sure that everything you plug in and switch on is as energy efficient as possible – and switch it off if you aren’t using it! Your lighting might only make up about 5% of your energy usage, but a switch to energy efficient bulbs will save you around $75 a year.

Plastic Storage Boxes

One of the best ways you can save money is batch cooking and freezing homemade ready meals. This is a great lifestyle choice anyway because this method means that you can be sure you’re getting all the good stuff without having to cook every single day.

You can make this lifestyle really easy for yourself if you buy a great range of long lasting boxes that will happily sit in the freezer as well as heat up in the microwave. In general, Tupperware really isn’t that expensive so a few dollars extra can get you a lot in quality.


If you find your heating bills are getting out of control, insulation is well worth the investment. Whether you are looking to fill cavity walls or just lay an extra thick layer of foam in the eaves, you will make a huge difference. Loft insulation is probably the best place for your money to go and if you want to go the extra mile and add in proper flooring, you can maximise your storage space and keep heat in that way too!

Spending a little to save a lot is always a good idea, especially if you can afford to make the investment sooner rather than later. Always think about the cost per use to make the best decision.