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Replace and Repair: When Does it Make Sense to Pay a Bit More?

Being money-wise is about a lot more than just saving money. It’s a delicate balance between knowing when you’re being ripped off and understanding when you should actually pay up – yet, too many self-proclaimed frugals are reluctant to spend money where it matters. Purchasing something that’s a bit more expensive will really save you money in the long-run, instead of having to replace yet another broken appliance.

Here is a handy list of the products you should pay up for and where you can afford to choose the cheaper option. It won’t make you rich, that’s for sure, but it will give a bit of sense to your everyday budgeting.

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What’s important to you?

To start with the bottom line first; we have individual taste and preferences, and you might want to save where some people like to spend more. Think about what’s important to you, first of all, and consider whether you’ll end up repurchasing the same cheap product to get the effect you’re looking for.

If a sparkling clean home is important to you, it makes sense to go for the more expensive cleaning detergent – not just because the quality is usually better, but also because you’ll use less of it to get the result you’re after.

Think about this when it comes to shopping for your household, and you may realize that you’ve been splurging on products you don’t really care about – or that you should actually pay up a bit more today to save more tomorrow.

Cars and bicycles

On the top of the list of where you should spend more are cars and bicycles. It’s the most obvious one as many car-owners have spent a questionably small amount on their vehicle, only to spend way more than they should have to on repairs later on. It’s true that some models are prone to specific faults, and you might have to pay your auto mechanic a few more visits than you’d like to if you don’t invest in your vehicle.

Have a look at for some of the most common car repairs you’ll have to make and try to steer clear of the models that are prone to repeated repairs.  


Before you head off to the high-end shops to furnish your new home, consider how long you’re planning on staying there. It makes little sense to go all out if you’re decorating your college flat, for example, but a place you’re going to stay in for years should have the right kind of furniture. Cheap couches and beds will break or need repairs within a short year; start by going through to treat your back to a better mattress.

Be prepared to pay a bit more if you’d like to spend a lot of time in your home – as well as if you’re planning on living there for a while.

The same goes for your home, in general, when you’d like to become a homeowner. It’s still true that we pay for what we get, so make sure you’re not stealing money from your future self by purchasing a cheaper option for now.

It won’t look nice, sit well, or even behave as it should in the long-run, sending you to the shop to replace and repair it yet again.