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Everyone wants to become the best at business. Everyone want a pay rise, to be respected, and to have a more coveted position in their industry. Everyone wants the most job satisfaction, and to work with the best, most talented co-workers. Some people even want to be the top of the top, CEO of the firm which defines the industry it works within. However, none of these aims will be achieved if you don’t spend the time working on yourself first. Luckily, this is easier than ever, and the ability to do so requires your dedication, but also your good humour and acceptance that you won’t always be functioning at the best of your ability.

However, to get there requires some solid attitudes and activities which are explored in this article:

Make Use of Brevity

Brevity is the art of communicating clearly the full intent and detail of your message in the most concise manner available to you. We’re often told than in order to explain something in full, all of the most intricate details must be included so as to avoid any misinterpretation. In reality, the main way to avoid misinterpretation is to be clear and empirical about what it is that needs to be achieved. This is true whether conversing with your boss or managing a team of 500 people. It’s important to say what you mean with as much clarity in as little words as possible. For this reason, keeping on top of your communication skills and refining them can work wonders for you.

Practicing the finer points of your language such as with Effortless English tutorials, practicing with a friend or taking public speaking classes scan all give you a step up in the interpersonal and social world of business. Employers, more than anything else, will look at your social ability when hiring you for a job first, and look at your qualifications second. Never give anyone in your business world a reason to doubt the first impression you give them again. Brevity is a fantastic way to do this. It also helps you seem strong, direct and able to cut through the junk, which every business leader knows how to do.

Dress & Groom Well

In order to progress in your business regimen, you need to look like someone who is worthy of respecting and able to continue forward towards their achievements. If you look unkempt, too overweight or simply have bad grooming habits, you look unprofessional and as though you lack self-discipline. After all, how can you expect people to respect you (especially in a professional setting,) if you don’t at least seem like someone who can respect themselves? Make sure to dress in smart and simple clothing and keep yourself groomed. Even with the thickest, bushiest beard, you will be able to maintain it and make it look hygienic in a workplace setting. Vary your outfits, and have them dry cleaned or iron them on the regular. Consider investing in a pleasant yet not overstated fragrance which can spruce up your interpersonal exchanges. Maintain your teeth to keep them white and strong. Most of all, dress in a way which complements you and makes you feel comfortable in your skin, because that is the bedrock of natural confidence.

With these tips, you’re sure to take the business world by storm.