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Roll Up, Roll Up! It’s Charity Fundraising Time!

Every business that wants to fuse well with the local community needs to work out the best way to get people interested in them. The first step? Getting acquainted with the local businesses and potential customer base, and running a fundraiser is the best way to garner attention. There are literally hundreds of different ways that your business can fundraise and raise awareness both for a cause and for what you do, but one of the most popular ideas is a charity auction.

Charity auctions are mega fun events that can really draw in the crowd that you need to appeal to. You’re a new business in the area and you want to make a good impression on people, and what better way to do it than hold an event? Good food, flowing drinks and merchandise with your name on it is a great way to bring in new custom. You can keep a charity auction as low key as you want at a community centre, or you could go all out and have an evening ball; plenty of glamour and prizes from You can make it a silent auction, or you could choose to have a live auction; either way, you’re going to make a name for yourself. If you inform the local media in your community and contact bloggers to write about your event, you can drum up some media interest and get your info out onto social media, too. It’s all about gaining new customers and you can really generate a good buzz with your event.

A silent auction includes posting a list of items to be auctioned off for people to bid on ahead of the event. You could include your own merchandise and products, and to really gain some interest, you could offer pre-released products that the public haven’t even seen yet. The highest bidder wins – simple and fun! Live auctions have a lot more noise and atmosphere, as they are more traditional, and items are proposed on stage in front of a live audience. Your guests will have a small paddle to hold – ideally with your company information on it – and they can raise these to bid on your items. There’s an excitement with a live auction and it can get a little rowdy in the crowd, so hiring the best catering company is a good idea to make sure people are well-fed and happy!

You don’t have to organise the auction by yourself, but you should make sure that you contact as many possible customers and advertise your auction on social media. Your business needs to be seen to be giving back into the community to be accepted by the people you are integrating with. If you can show your community that you are interested in being a part of them and supporting them, then they will support you in return and you will feel happier for it. Organise your charity auction and get your PR team on it today – you won’t regret it!