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In-House Or Outsource? Which Will Work Best For Your Business

When you own your own business, it’s safe to say that you have lots of different decisions to make. Based on what your business does, what industry you’re in, and your own approach to business, your company could run completely different to one that on paper appears to be quite similar. And although there’s no real recipe for success, this can often determine how well you’re going to do. Because if you’re able to make decisions that are best for your business, you should find that you will get a head start on creating the best kind of setup and operational process for your business. One of the biggest to decide on is often whether to outsource certain operations or keep them in-house by hiring the right person. So let’s took a look at when each situation would best apply.

IT Support

One of the main sources of operation that may cause you concern is IT. These days, we all need varies pieces of IT and technology to do our jobs. And when you have a big business, this only gets more complicated. So, you need to make sure that you have an IT support system that will allow you to operate effectively. Sometimes, it’s much easier to outsource this, as you’ll get dedicated help on keeping things running.


With your administration, you always want to make sure that it’s organised, on top of, and just done! But when you have so much paperwork to sort and a lot of emails to respond to, you also don’t want to spend hours and hours looking after it yourself. Because it can be a chore. So in this instance, you may find that hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to get your admin done at a great cost, without having the commitment of hiring a full administrative team.


If you do have a lot of staff members, then you’ll know that you need to stay on top of your HR processes. And this can be super confusing for you to handle on your own – you really do need an expert. But when you don’t want to have to hire in a HR team just yet, you don’t have to. Because outsourcing HR is an option, and it could be the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you at this stage.


It’s very much the same with marketing. One day, you might like to bring in a full team, but this can be quite a costly commitment. So when you’re growing, and you want to get the best ideas for your money, working with agencies is always smarter.

Personal Assistant

Finally, there’s also your own personal assistant. And here, you’re definitely going to want to hire them in-house. Why? Because you’ll often need a lot of work from them (and need them to physically be in the office), so knowing that you have your own dedicated team member is extremely useful here.