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Saving For Big Ticket Items The Sensible Way

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Throughout life, there’ll be times when you can’t get away from the fact that you need to purchase something that’s going to cost you a hefty sum. This could be a new car after your trusty old banger has finally seen its final journey, a new kitchen appliance or even a new home. Inevitably, the need for some big ticket items won’t slowly creep up on you but will present themselves to you without warning.

Realizing you haven’t done any laundry at the end of the week, only to switch on the machine and have nothing happen will leave you with a basket full of unclean clothes. Nightmare. However, if you ensure that you have the readies available for any emergency situation, you can mitigate the shock of needing to fork out a princely sum. Take a look at these ways you can save for a rainy day the sensible way.


Don’t Forego Your Quality Of Life

You don’t need to be living off cheese on toast for the rest of your life to save every single disposable penny that you earn. Take a step back and assess your financial situation. Make a list of all of your outgoings and work out how much disposable income you have left over. As a general rule of thumb, it’s effective to save half of this amount.


If you have debts, it makes more financial sense to clear these as quickly as possible. If you have a credit card with a large balance, think about getting a personal loan to clear this high-interest debt leaving you with a lower interest loan to pay off. Head to to see which type of personal loan is most suitable for your financial situation. When you get into a steady rhythm of saving each month, and you see the cash start accruing, you’ll be motivated to continue your new thrifty routine. However, don’t go too far. You should still be able to enjoy the odd meal out and trip to the cinema.



If you’re saving for a rainy day, you should still be able to head off on your annual summer vacation; just be sensible when choosing your destination. For budget friendly vacation ideas take a look at Don’t venture off to a five-star luxury resort in Cancun for three weeks if you can save money by cutting short your holiday by a week and clubbing together with friends to hire a villa.

Saving for more than one thing at once is possible. Have your rainy day fund, that you rarely touch and also have your more regular savings account. This can be for your summer vacation, your trip to a weekend music festival and Christmas presents.


Learn To Say No

If you find that your savings are dwindling a little because you haven’t been able to stick to your money routine due to more birthdays than usual or you’ve been venturing to the cinema a bit too much, you’ll have to scale back your spending. Although it can be hard to see your mates heading out to enjoy themselves, you should rest easy knowing that should an emergency happen, you’ll have the finances to deal with it. The chances are that your friends won’t.

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Saving some of your hard earned cash is vital to enable you to cope should the worst happen. While establishing your saving routine, you’ll also be learning financial restraint, making wiser life choices and enhancing your credit score in the process.