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Simple Ways To Manage Your Money

I’d you’re planning on a buying something with s hefty price tag. You know you need it for the house or for the children. It could be a new dishwasher, car or even just a summer break. That’s great there’s just one thing. you don’t have the money.

Thanks to the internet there is so much online help with money making and money saving tips.


The truth is there is no magic trick to making more money, but the true trick is money management. This means managing your money in order to make the most of what you actually have.


Being honest with how you actually manage your money is a basic step. Do you keep track of what you spend each week or month? This is to identify where your money is actually going and if your frivolously spending it on materialistic things. If it doesn’t benefit you or your family then it wasn’t needed. That’s not to say you can’t treat yourself here and there. It’s a case of it not being an expensive treat.


Try changing your monthly spending habits but changing little things. Each month try a new idea a fantastic range of ideas and tips that can be tried by everyone earning in the household.

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It’s all about setting goals, what it is you actually want to get out of your money each month. A short-term goal can be a basic monthly benefit to you is paying off credit card debt. Medium goals are for big family holidays or a cruise. The long term should be thinking about retirement or setting money aside for children in the future. Fund accounts can be set up for these long term goals in order to keep tabs on the progression.

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We live in an age where we surround ourselves with credit cards even store cards. But we never know which one is the best or the real deal we’re getting. Compare credit cards offers comparison prices on what deals and what they can offer you. In the long run, you can end up saving quite a bit on APR and extra payments a month!


Each day review what you could have changed when buying things. Today there is an app for everything, but they actually come in handy when on the go. The price comparison is everything when food shopping is it weekly or monthly compare with other supermarkets. Coupon sites will become your best friend when buying gifts or on online purchases.

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Looking at splurging on unnecessary things is also a factor, little things where you’re paying for a brand name. Brand name products are exactly the same. For one month try switching big brand names on kitchen or bathroom products with known brand names.


Trying these little tips will surprise you into how switching up your habits can change your money situation. Nothing is impossible.