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Increasing Your Inner Happiness

Changing our lifestyle issues is key to developing character and learning about yourself. Getting back in touch with being zen, calm and self-love. Begin by helping others it is true being kind is rewarded with good karma. Helping those in need is a fulfilling way to spend your time. Begin a happiness project that taps into focusing on yourself each day try a new simple life lesson.


The key is to not blame others for your unhappiness, you have the power in your hands. It’s up to you, to decide what you choose to do with it. We control our own thoughts and feelings if we allow others to make us feel a certain way they have won. Feeling in control is a highly liberating feeling and that alone starts the process of being happy.

Loving yourself and life again is the best way to embracing the little things in life.

Bettering yourself for only you and not others is the best step to getting started on to a more brighter road.


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Finding happiness in the smallest of things is a great gift in life. It makes you appreciate what’s good about the world and the little things are usually free. They normally ignite positive happy memories, things such as going to the beach, the park or basking in the warm sunshine.

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Try a happiness bucket list, it can be a bowl of folded notes that are simple things that bring joy. On each note have something written on it, it can be a compliment or something you are grateful for. Once small tiny slices of happiness can be achieved, be brave and move onto more bigger things. It can be days out, holidays or things you want to achieve personally.


Changing up habits that can greatly benefit your life in a positive way is by seeking help. Try Freedom Center a great place to attend and meet others who wish to receive help. It’s a place to getting your life back on track with the support of your loved ones too, the center encourages a healthy and fit lifestyle through exercise.


When enjoying exercise endorphins are released making us happy, yoga is one of the most beneficial and zen ways to get back to health. More importantly, it’s great for mental health which people fail to acknowledge is as important as our physical health. Yoga helps remain a mental and emotional balance.
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A personal routine involving exercise leads to positive thinking, learning to forgive and leave negative energy in the past is a healing process. Being able to laugh is the most helpful and best medicine. Like exercise, it releases endorphins which battle the negative feeling. The best part of laughter is it’s free.


The best thing about laughter is its free, look at what makes you laugh. Each day write down and track what has made you laugh or happy that particular day. This allows you to look back and be able to structure your life in getting back to a positive position. Writing down thoughts that pop into your head is a great way to get out of your head and stop over thinking or worrying. Visualize yourself happy and do the things that can achieve a permanent state of harmony.


Allowing yourself to think yourself happy will deter you away from negative thoughts and returning back into the past.