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What are the Key Components of a Hight Quality Website?

Everyone and his dog has a website now and on the one hand, this is pretty good because customers are now much better placed to make decisions before they purchase a product or service, but on the other hand, means that businesses need to up their games to stand out from the crowd.

Having a website has been a business-must for at least a decade now, so you don’t need a post about why an online presence is vital. Frankly, you should know by now that w website is one of the main things that customers really want from you. The real question is how can you take your average site and turn it into something much more suited to your audience?


We think of the internet as an endless space, but actually, you need to think quite carefully about what you want your visitors to see. Glamorous fashion websites now often present their websites with a cover page, usually a large high-quality picture and a button that says ‘enter’. This type of entrance page is an interesting use of space because it shows that you have thought about the way your visitors want to be received, but also gives the idea of luxury.

On the other hand, a site like Amazon uses every millimeter of screen space, filling it with links to products as well as navigation tools to make it much easier for their customers to find what they are looking for quickly and proceed directly to check out. This method works well for Amazon because it knows that its customers probably already know what they want and just want to find it quick, but wouldn’t necessarily work for that high fashion site which is aimed at users who may take longer perusing their collection before making any decision.


With both design examples, the usability of the site is vital. 80% of internet users now own a smartphone and this can mean only one thing for your business: if you haven’t already got a responsive site or an alternative app, then you need to put your resources into doing so this year.

Responsive website design makes it possible for users to access your site on their smartphones without losing any of the quality of your desktop site. They should be able to navigate without a fuss, be able to read all the text and use the site completely intuitively. In fact, if you want a thorough breakdown of everything you need to know, visit:

Regular Updates

One final thing to think about. Updating your website needs to be a priority and leaving it to its own devices could risk it becoming corrupted – or worse, your visitors losing interest and not returning. You need to give your customers reasons to come back to your website regularly and whether that means updating your blog every few days or updating your services and products pages every few months, you need to stay on top.

A high-quality website is now becoming a standard and customers who can’t navigate easily or don’t find what they are looking for within a few seconds will try elsewhere. It might sound heartless, but that’s modern business for you.