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Five of the Best Careers For a Low-Stress Life

The old saying goes that if you love what you do, then you never work a day in your life. And when you really dislike a job, that saying is never more true. Bearing in mind that we work for the majority of our lives, it pays to be doing something that we enjoy. A job that stresses us out, or makes dread going into work is not going to be a good thing.

So if the latter sounds like you, and you hate when Monday rolls around after the weekend as it means going back to work, then you may well be contemplating a new career path. So here are some low-stress careers to consider; would they work for you?

Truck Driver

As long as you don’t find driving stressful, then this can be a really chilled out job to have. Given a specific route to follow and then you’re on your away, with your thoughts and your music. It can be quite relaxing for many, especially if you’re confident on the roads. Because the hours are long, the pay can be pretty good too, as well as a certain level of flexibility. So although it isn’t the most glamorous job there ever was, looking up truck driving jobs near me could be a good idea if you want a relaxed career change. You could get to see all parts of the country at the same time too.

Freelance Writer

If you are after something that harnesses your creativity, then for many, there can be nothing less stress-free than writing. When you can work for yourself or an agency, you can set your workday, making it a great job for those wanting flexibility. It takes a lot of motivation and being a self-starter, though, so only a good option if you fit that description.


If you enjoy math and stats, as well as wanting a pretty low-stress career, then an actuary could be for you. It could be that you work for an insurance company, where you analyze costs and risks, or help employers to minimize costs in the workplace. It can be a pretty rewarding job, and the deadlines are not too stressful or pressured, making it a good option for many.

Hair Stylist or Designer

If you love talking to people and being creative, then working as a hair stylist or even a clothes designer could be a good career path for you. The jobs allow you to be creative and take your time to get the client’s hair or style right. When the biggest stress comes from overbooking yourself, then you know it is going to be a pretty desirable option.

Nursery Worker

Working in a nursery or daycare with children can be a fun and rewarding job if you like working with children. You get to play all day along with them and help them to learn. Doesn’t sound like anything more stress-free, right? Plus, at the end of the day, they go to their parents; the best of both worlds.