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Why Clover Is the Best Credit Card Processing System

These days, every business needs a credit card processing system.  Typing credit card numbers into a clunky desktop computer is so 90s.  Besides the inefficiency of having a computer sized cash register on the counter of your store, manually entering credit card numbers is far from the most secure way of processing credit card payments.  Point of sale (POS) systems are much safer and more compact.  At Merchant Account Solutions, you can choose the Clover POS system that best fits the needs of your business.

What Is Special About Clover Point of Sale Systems?

Clover POS terminals are equipped with user-friendly software for processing credit card payments and more.  Which clover device you choose depends on what kind of business you are operating.  The Clover station 2.0 is best for stores and restaurants with a lot of employees.  If you install it at a restaurant server station, the servers will be able to process credit cards conveniently.  Meanwhile, managers can use it to keep track of inventory and employee timesheets.  For food trucks or restaurants where servers process payments at the table, you will want one of the smaller Clover POS devices.

Great for Processing Any Kind of Credit Card

Most of the credit cards in people’s wallets today have chips.  Credit card chips can still be temperamental when it comes to working with POS terminals.  Therefore, most Clover POS devices not only have chip readers, but they also have a function where you can swipe the card.  Some of them are even equipped for contactless payments.  The simpler devices just process credit card payments, but the Clover POS Station has an entire suite of small business software.

If your business needs an efficient way to process credit card payments, Merchant Account Solutions has just the POS device for you.