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4 Simple and Cheap Ways to Transform Your Home

When people think of home renovations many people get scared thinking of big changes such as redoing a bathroom or kitchen. Home renovations can be a lot more affordable if you make small changes and sometimes small changes can dramatically change how your house feels. If you’re wanting to make some changes around your home without spending a lot, please keep reading!

1. Change the Paint

If your home feels dark or outdated, you may be surprised by how much a fresh coat of paint can change how the house feels. This applies to both the inside and outside of the house. Painting your house can be pretty easy if you invest in the right tools, including taping to ensure your paint lines are crisp. If you’re not sure about painting yourself, maybe you should call a local handyman to help you out with this!

2. Get Some New Cushions
Cushions are a great inexpensive way to change a space. You can choose cushions that are more like pieces of art, or just cushions that add a little texture and give your living room a more homely feel. You can also add cushions to the bedroom to brighten it up and change the way it makes you feel.

3. Invest in Some Art
Well, this option can be cheap or expensive depending on your tastes. It’s possible to find affordable prints online from sites such as Society6.  There’s so many different styles and pieces of artwork on that site, you’re sure to find something that suits your style and your home. Consider going to local markets to find local pieces by artists in your area. It can be a great way to give back to your community while getting a unique piece of art.

4. Upgrade Your Lounge Suite
If your lounge suite is looking sad and is becoming uncomfortable, it may be a sure sign that you should upgrade your lounge suite. Of course you can buy new, but you could also buy a lightly used suite from an online auction store or a local classifieds page. Someone’s “junk” could be your new treasure. I personally really love L shaped sofas as I think they give you a little bit of extra seating area while taking up basically the same space. Updating your sofa can change the entire feeling of the home.

Small changes can really spruce up your home without costing a fortune. Spend a little time thinking about little adjustments you can make to make your home feel more like home to you!