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Brave New Ways To Sell Your Property

If you were to believe real estate agents, then the reason the market is struggling is because of external uncertainties like Trump, Brexit and the fact a nuclear war is right around the corner. But this isn’t the full story. You see, the real reason why real estate agents are finding the market to be a tad slow is that homeowners aren’t using them anymore. Instead, they’re finding entirely new and wonderfully creative ways to sell their brick and mortar made humble abodes.

The reason for this is simple: so many estate agents have lost the art of selling. It’s like they have forgotten how to do it. They think it is just a matter of taking some pictures and uploading them to Rightmove and the likes of. That’s why people are getting fifty shades of imaginative and shouldering the risks associated with selling in these ways.

  1. Finding A Facebook Buyer

There has been a recent trend of sellers that are using Facebook Live as a means of selling their properties. We know,d the future is here, right. The way it works is relatively simple: you attract some attention using social media, local ads and word of mouth and then conduct a virtual open house tour of your property. The reason this is becoming so popular is it a) allows potential buyers to view a property without any hassle and b) lets them ask questions about the property in the comments section of the live stream. To make sure you have the best bet selling this way, try pairing up with an online estate agent like HousSimple that has a flat rate fee.

  1. Quick-Sale Property Company

When someone puts their home for sale, they want it to b snatched up as soon as possible. Some even put a bigger emphasis on timeliness than they do the amount of money they are getting offered. After all, what’s a couple of grand for the sake of 3 months waiting? It’s why there have been more and more people flocking to the likes of Maybe they have lost their job and can’t afford the mortgage repayments, maybe they need to relocate quickly, perhaps that retirement can’t come quick enough. Whatever the reason, people are loving these quick-sale companies.

  1. The Rise Of The Raffle

Another method that is on the rise is raffles, which is exactly what you think it is. It’s selling raffle tickets to individuals that are attracted to the idea of winning a property in a prize draw. The reason this is such a popular route is you can state the raffle won’t commence until X amount of tickets have been sold and, better yet, you can attract a whole host of chancers that weren’t even thinking about buying a home. So long as you adhere to gambling rules, this can prove to be a very lucrative option.

  1. Auctions Are Awesome

This is by no means a new route to go down, but it is has risen up the ranks of popularity more than ever. Why? A big part of it is to do with setting a reserve, another is bagging a quick sale and, last but not least, you can actually get more than you wanted for your home. Of course, you need to have a home with unique features or a property in a highly sought-after place.