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Cutting Costs On The Furniture You Thought Was Non-Negotiable

Homes come in all shapes and sizes. After all, we all have different tastes. Some us can imagine nothing better than high ceilinged rooms with grand chandeliers. Others prefer a country cottage vibe with low ceilings, and a comforting feel. Even if our homes themselves don’t vary, what’s inside them does. Some of us love a neutral color palette, while others are all about bright paints.

But, one thing which stays the same despite tastes is the furniture you’re told you need. Small options, such as side drawers and cabinets are, again, a matter of personal taste. But, some things are part and parcel of having a home. What’s more, these are usually the most expensive pieces of all. You know what we’re talking about, right? These are the centerpieces of your rooms; the main events of your household. They’re set in stone. You have to fork out a fortune, or your house will never be complete. Or will it?

In truth, it’s likely you will need most of these items in some form. But, it’s possible you don’t need to spend your yearly earnings to achieve them. But, just what are these ‘crucial’ furniture pieces you need around the house, and how can you save on them?

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A bed

For obvious reasons, a house isn’t complete without a bed. There are, of course, those who have no choice but to sleep on sofa beds or some other alternative. But, no one would honestly choose that. After all, sleep is crucial. A sofa bed may well cost less, but you’ll pay in sanity when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep for weeks.

That said, there are ways to save on the bed in your household. And, luckily, taking this step will leave you bang on trend. Many millennials are doing it already, and you could be next. It’ll undoubtedly set you ahead with the whole ‘minimalism’ trend. Have you guessed what it is yet? We are, of course, talking about doing away with bed frames.

The main reason beds are so expensive is because they involve buying a frame and a mattress. And, both can be pretty pricey. It makes sense, then, that doing away with half the bed means halving the price. And, if you’re worried this will wreak havoc on your back, fear not. It’s actually thought that a mattress on the floor is better for our bodies. The firm support offered by the solid floor underneath can help to ease back pain and other aches. So, why not give it a go? While it may take some getting used to, this could be a fantastic way to stock your bedroom for less.

A sofa

It isn’t often you see a living room without a sofa. What would the point in that be, after all? This is where we should come to chill out, right? A bit difficult to do that if there’s nowhere to sit. But, an average sofa can cost a lot more than you might expect. What’s more, you’ll often find that you have to buy an armchair as well. The costs of these can get painful fast! But, what can you do when this is something you so obviously need?

For one, you could look into alternative options. Again, all the millennials are doing it. Sofas aren’t trendy, man. Instead, cheaper options like the bean bags offered by Comfy Sacks could be the way to go. If you’re feeling brave, why not install a hammock for everyone to sit in? Or, you could opt for plain old cushions on the floor if you want to get Buddhist on this thing. Each of these options offers a fantastic and less expensive seating arrangement. What’s more, the unusual nature of such setups is sure to become a talking point.

If you don’t fancy a new-age living room just yet, why not consider getting a sofa second-hand? Facebook freecycle groups always have these babies listed. That means you could get a sofa for nothing! Of course, these options may not be the most hygienic things. But, reupholstering a couch isn’t difficult. Even once you’ve bought fabric and extra stuffing, you’re looking a steal here.

A wardrobe

Even those of us who try to travel light usually have hordes of clothes to store in our bedrooms. Hence why wardrobes have also become a staple in the home. These hefty furniture pieces, often made of wood, rarely come cheap. That’s especially the case if you need a lot of room to play with.

But, we obviously know a thing or two about keeping things a bit cheaper here. Instead of opting for an enclosed wardrobe, have you ever thought about using a clothes rail? There are many of these on the market that cost less than half the price of the real deal. If you wanted, you could even make one of these yourself with the right metal pole and screws handy. You can be sure those materials will cost you even less.

Better than costing less, this option can be a fantastic way to decorate your bedroom at no added cost. What better accessory could you imagine than the colorful explosion of your outfits? You could even hang bags and necklaces on the ends to complete this look and bring everything together.

A kitchen table

Unless you fancy eating in front of the television, a kitchen table is another must. But, like wardrobes, these will usually set you back a fair amount. So, how can you cut those costs? By making use of your kitchen sides, of course. Instead of investing in a table, why not develop your own breakfast bar? You could do this by finding a side which can accommodate some seats. Or, you could go all out and hollow your cupboards so you can slip those seats right under. Either way, this is sure to cost you less. What’s more, it will save you much-needed kitchen space. Hard to argue with that, isn’t it?