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How To Choose The Right Living Room Furniture 

Having the right furniture in your living room really does make a difference. If it’s the right furniture, you’ll be comfortable in the room and want to spend time there, but if it’s the wrong furniture, that won’t be the case, and you’ll never really feel at home or relaxed in a room that you really should feel good in.

Of course, it’s easy to say that you need to choose the right furniture, but what exactly is the right furniture, and how can you know? What should you be looking for? Read on to find out. 

Photo by Charlotte May


Choosing furniture that’s the right size for your living room is extremely important, and it’s something that can make or break the overall design of the space. Furniture that’s too big can make the room feel crowded and uncomfortable (if you can even get it into the room in the first place), whereas furniture that’s too small can make the room feel too big (yes, that is an issue!) and it definitely won’t be cozy. 

The best thing to do is to measure the room and make a scale drawing if that helps. Then, when you shop for furniture, you can take measurements of whatever it is you’re buying, and you’ll instantly know if it’s going to fit nicely in the room. Don’t worry if you have an awkwardly-shaped space either; you can always opt for custom made furniture, and then you’ll know it’s going to fit perfectly. 


The scale drawing we mentioned above will be extremely useful when you’re considering the layout of the room as well, so you shouldn’t throw it out after you’ve picked your furniture. In fact, it might be that you decide to change things around once you’ve seen how it’s all going to fit, so it’s well worth holding back on buying anything until you’re completely sure of where it’s going to go. 

The layout is important to think about because it’s all about flow, and a good flow – that is, a room that people can get in and out of and move around in easily without bumping into anything or having to move items out of the way – helps create comfort and make the space feel safe and positive. 


Of course, when you’re choosing the right living room furniture, you’ll need to consider your style as well. It’s fine to have furniture that fits just right, and that allows a good flow in and out (and around) the room, but unless the furniture is in the style you like, it’s just not going to work one hundred percent for you. 

So, what is it you want from your furniture? Think about the color, the materials and fabric, the patterns it might have, and so on. What era should it be from? How many cushions? Does it need legs or should it be placed directly on the floor? Only you can decide what your ideal living room furniture should look like, so you’ll need to think hard about what you want and ensure it’s perfect for you.