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Best Destinations for a City Break in 2018

Need a break? If you’re planning to take some more time off this year, you can’t go wrong a with a city break- a few days in a new city can feel like a long holiday if you do the right kind of planning.

Here are the best destinations for a city break in 2018:

Bologna, Italy

Sure, you can visit Florence for the galleries, Venice for the canals, and Pisa for the leaning tower. But there’s much more to see in Italy if you’re hoping to avoid the high prices and crowds of tourists. Head to Bologna, which is where you’ll find the oldest university in Europe, along with all the cultural and creative events that go with it. Be sure to wander through the city under all the terracotta porticoes hiding you from the sun.

Glasgow, Scotland

While many people think of Edinburgh when they’re thinking about city breaks in Scotland (and Edinburgh is well worth a visit), Glasgow is a must-visit if you have a free weekend. Eat delicious seafood in Merchant City, people-watch at the Barras market, and check out the Art Nouveau while you wander through the town.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the perfect place to visit for a city break. This clean, interesting city is jam-packed with incredible museums and art galleries. It also has great public transport, excellent food, and the people are helpful and speak great English. Vienna is a must-visit, although if you’re getting in on a late flight I would suggest pre booking an airport transfer so you can get straight to your hotel where you can relax.

Bergen, Norway

In the old town of Bryggen, you’ll find wooden alleyways with rows of buildings built side-to-side. You’ll also find a sublime landscape of dizzying valleys and rugged mountains. Bergen is nestled among hills and fjords, and while it’s definitely a remote destination, it’s still surprisingly lively. Eat delicious king crab sandwiches, watch artists on the waterfront, and taste piping hot cinnamon rolls at one of the many cosy cafes.

You’ll enjoy visiting somewhere where most people haven’t been, and the current exchange rates mean that now is the time to go.


Ah Budapest. Straddling the Danube, Budapest is a lively mix of history, culture, beerbikes, and rooftop bars. If you haven’t yet visited Budapest, 2018 is the year to do it, as the secret is out and the city continues to become more popular amongst tourists. Take a ride down the river, dance the night away at Fogas House, and try out the double decker buses for a great way to see the city.

What are your favourite destinations for a city break? Leave a comment below and let me know.