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Working Holidays: Make Money, Travel And Experience A New Culture

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If you feel stuck in a rut and relish the thought of leaving your life behind and heading off on an adventure but you worry about your responsibilities, you’re not alone. Of those who did quit their jobs in 2016, 49% resigned simply because they weren’t enjoying their work. Feeling unfulfilled can be soul destroying and it’s crucial that, if you are feeling this way, you do something about it. While heading on a round the world trip without any planning or preparation may be foolish, you can venture to far flung destinations, earn money and immerse yourself in a new culture if you take a working holiday.


Before you book your plane ticket, you need to work out how you will afford to pay for it. You could fund your initial journey by taking out a credit card that rewards you with travel vouchers. There are a range of credit cards reviewed on that could save you hundreds of dollars on flights. In effect, they could pay for themselves while, at the same time, helping you to build a positive credit score while you are away on your working holiday. Take a look at the sorts of roles you could embark upon while overseas.


Teaching English


If you complete a TEFL course like the ones available at, you’ll be qualified to teach English to toddlers, kids and adults alike in many different countries all over the globe. Venture to China, and you could find yourself teaching conversational English to high flying business people and getting paid a handsome wage at the same time. Alternatively, you could hot foot it to the sunnier climes of Thailand and enjoy the beach lifestyle in between your hours teaching at a local nursery. A TEFL qualification can open up many doors and see you venturing around the globe.


Snowboard Instructor


If the thought of spending your days sweating it out on the beaches of a far flung destination fills you with dread, you could explore the option of working in chillier environments. If you are a proficient skier or snowboarder, you could head to the Alps or the Pyrenees to teach your skills to beginners. Competition for these jobs is rife, and you may need to slog away as a member of chalet staff first. But with perseverance, you could see yourself enjoying the powder all day.




If you don’t mind physical work and hard graft, fruit picking or crop harvesting is a simple way to experience life in another country. The work is menial, tough and the hours can be long, but you’ll meet plenty of other people with the same goal as you: working their way around the globe. You may make lifelong friends over the strawberry plants and apple trees, and you might even get your accommodation for free for as long as you stay working on the farm.


We have only touched upon the sorts of jobs you can experience when heading abroad. You could also crew a yacht, work as a bartender or help out at an animal sanctuary. The possibilities are endless, and you could soon pull yourself out of your rut, setting course for the adventure of a lifetime.