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5 Blatant Reasons Your Work Performance Is Suffering



Anyone with career aspirations has to work hard day in, day out to secure the promotion of their dreams. The thing is, this type of consistency isn’t always realistic, and your performance can dip. Usually, it comes back again after a short while, but sometimes the drop can escalate out of control, putting your promotion at risk. Clearly, you need to react to save your fledgling career. Otherwise, a new role at a new company might be on the cards.


To put right any wrongs, firstly it is essential to figure out what they are before making a change. Therefore, here are the most obvious reasons your performance at work is suffering.


Lack Of Motivation


Even when you have career goals, it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning. After all, points out that just because you have targets, it doesn’t mean you are on the right track. This might be more apparent now than before, especially if you are up for a promotion and don’t feel confident about the outcome. In fact, you might be certain that a colleague is going to get the job, which makes you want to succumb to defeat. In this situation, all you can do is look in the mirror and fight for the position. Yes, there is a chance you won’t be the individual who wins the battle, but there are no certainties until there is an announcement. Up until that point, stay competitive and remember you are just as big a part of the conversation as anyone else.






What do the people who try their hardest for promotions have in common? They all work themselves to the bone in pursuit of acknowledgment. In the end, it might be enough to put you at the top of the list, yet it comes at a price. The price you are currently paying is exhaustion as you are suffering from burnout. When you fatigued beyond the point of no return, there is no energy to do even the menial of tasks. So, you can count out taking care of the major responsibilities that have become a part of your working life. The best medicine is to take a few days off and relax. Although it could put you back a couple of steps, continuing to work exhausted will do more damage.


Work To Life Ratio


Everyone has a life outside of work, and it is this life that may be cause for concern. Do you have a partner? Maybe you have a couple of kids, too? Well, the strain on their life is bound to be high while you attempt to climb the corporate ladder. All they want is to see you more, yet you are working hard so as stand out from the crowd. If you can’t balance spending quality time with the people who love you, the feelings will seep into your work performance. Bottling your emotions up won’t work, so find someone to speak to privately. Hopefully, your employer will use a company like Health Assured to provide everyone with assistance. For those that don’t, consider talking to a therapist or a family member or friend who will listen. Finally, you can also talk to the person who matters the most: your partner.



Not Taking Care Of Your Body


In recent years, the links between mental health and performance have become clearer. As the connections have become more apparent, the emphasis on physical well-being has slipped a little. Although sitting behind a desk doesn’t seem like it requires good fitness, it does. Why? Well, it’s because of a number of reasons. For instance, eating junk food and not exercising can affect your concentration levels. And, it will reflect in the decision making process. Plus, bad health can heighten the onset of stress. Also, some substances inhibit a person’s ability to do their job. Drinking too much alcohol, for example, is not conducive to a standard of performance.


You Think You Have Won


When it comes to a promotion, there is always office gossip. And, some people listen to the rumor mill and allow it to lift their feet off the ground. If you believe you are a shoe-in for the role, the odds of lifting your foot off the gas are high. Instead, you will seemingly coast to ‘victory’ while the others work themselves into oblivion. Even if it looks as if you are the main contender, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings.


So, until you are offered the job on a formal basis, don’t let the hype go to your head.