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Get More Bang For Your Buck From Your Employees

Most businesses are struggling to cover the cost of their workforce. Employees are demanding more and more benefits as well as higher salaries year on year. But it is this workforce that is directly responsible for the increase in profits that will cover those costs each year. So how can you be sure that you’re getting enough out of every worker?

Motivation Or Inspiration?

Most managers know that their input is crucial to the output of their workers. There are dozens of good and not so good management theories out there. Many recommend motivating or inspiring the team to perform better. So which is it? A combination of both ideas might serve you well. Motivating a workforce to deliver more usually requires them to be inspired. This might be by factors like the rewards for results, or the freedom to get involved creatively.

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Train Them To Take On More Tasks?

Most businesses offer initial training and orientation. However, many businesses fail to deliver any further education or skills development. This might be quite short-sighted as every industry and every business changes. You need your workers to change with you and keep up with developments that could give you the competitive edge. You don’t necessarily need a huge training department and provision. Much of what you workers need might be found at places like Using this type of platform mean you can dip in and out across a wide range of courses.

Hire Better People?

If your workforce simply isn’t getting the results you need, you might be tempted to hire some employees with a more successful background. Perhaps you want to develop new departments or team structures that could deliver the targets you set? There are several reasons for hiring fresh talent as detailed at It can inject new energy and change the working dynamic in a department too. Most importantly, it could bring in new skills and industry information that could offer a competitive advantage.

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Off Better Rewards?

Some managers might view this as ‘throwing good money after bad’, but not all rewards are financial. You might be able to offer extra days off if employees push through seasonal peaks. Most of us are motivated by money. You might choose to offer commission or a percentage of new sales made. Rewards include recognition, career advancement, and gifts too. Don’t forget – if you change the terms of employment or the pay structure, you should get legal advice.

Make Threats?

Is it worth making threats about job losses? In some cases, you might find it necessary to reveal that there are financial difficulties in the business. However, threats don’t usually help workers to feel motivated to work harder. Instead, you might be motivating them to look for another job! Is performance is not meeting the contracted criteria? Then speak to your HR division about developing a plan of action to help that worker get back on track. It might be best to work together to find a solution. How do you get more from your employees?