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Size Is A Matter Of Perception

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When you are a startup, the struggle is real. You have a budget smaller than a thumbtack, an almost embarrassing lack of resources and fewer people to help than you care to admit, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it wasn’t such a bad thing. But right now, as it stands, you have zero chance of competing with the industry leaders out there. You know it and… well… actually… just you know it. No one else does, and that is your big advantage.

You see, perception is reality. All you need to do is dress the part and have people believe you are the big and professional business you claim to be, something that is easily done:

Get A Secretary

We know, having a secretary sounds great but it is more of a pipedream than a “sure, where do I find one?” kind of situation. Or is it? Heading to somewhere like and hiring a virtual secretary is totally possible, and it will make your business seem so much more professional because you’ll have a toll-free number and a customized assistant that will then forward calls on to you. Having the words CEO on your business card is a great way to look the bomb, but the game will be over if the CEO is picking up speculative calls from possible clients.

Improve Your Communication

If you want to keep up with the competition then you need to get your hands on the right communications tech, or at least visit and explain that you are looking to have the same advanced and reliable communication solutions that the bigger companies have, just for less money. You’ll be amazed at what you can get for very little.

Become A Thought Leader

The easiest way to look like a thought leader is to act like one, which is why you need to start publishing articles that confirm you are in fact an expert in your field. Yes, the dream is to get these articles into trade magazines and industry websites. But it is just as important to have a professionally constructed blog, even if you outsource the writing part to a content copywriter. You can then use this blog and bolster your LinkedIn profile, improve your email marketing and amplify your reputation.

Have A Mega Meeting Space

There will be a time, or lots of times, where you need to meet with your clients face to face, meaning that backdrop of Paris you invested in and hung on your wall will be pointless. Inviting them to your humble bedroom office probably isn’t an option, though. That is why you should build a relationship with the owner of some affordable meeting rooms in your area. You could reserve a room for one day each month and have all your meetings set for that day, or you could rent them out for a week at a time. It is all dependant on your needs and how often you will use this space. Trust us, though, it is a great way to demonstrate financial responsibility and a great option when how you present yourself is of importance.