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The Best Old-School Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

Most of our marketing strategies nowadays focus on modern digital marketing plans. Especially those of us that manage small businesses and don’t have huge budgets to push our companies forward. Digital marketing is fantastic. It gives you an excellent way to reach a wide group of people, through social media, influencers and online advertising, without spending massive amounts of money or hours of our valuable time. It’s easy to set up digital marketing, without any hi-tech equipment and your adverts and posts can start researching people straight away. It also gives your clients and customers a brilliant way to share your services and products across their own channels, without you needing to do anything extra. In terms of low effort and high reach, there’s nothing better, and it’s certainly worth getting online and really pushing your digital marketing efforts.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should be ignoring old-school tactics. Even if you manage an entirely online business, the internet isn’t the only place to be seen. Offline marketing can still be cheap and effective. It can also be a great way to stand out from the crowd and do something a little different. When more and more people are moving on to the internet, maybe this is the best time to be different. To get offline, and to get seen in real life. After all, people still trust people. They like to make their decisions based on things that they can see and feel in the real world. Let’s take a look at some of the best old-school ways to get your business noticed.

Print Advertisements

Print adverts may seem to be a thing of the past. Many magazines and newspapers are now closing down their print departments, in large part due to a lack of advertising revenue. But, it can still be incredibly effective. People do still read magazines and newspapers. Some still prefer this and find it a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience than looking at a screen. It can feel like a bit of a break to turn off your computer and sit with a printed medium.

However, if you do choose to print advertisements, it’s a good idea to be bold. Small, text only adverts just don’t cut it anymore. Use bright colors and images, make sure your logo is clear, and even try adding a joke or pun. With a print advert, you only have a few seconds to make an impression and capture someone’s attention. But, without a Pinterest board to save it to, you need to make sure your message is remembered.


Banners are a brilliant way to get noticed quickly. A custom banner is cheap, easy to print out and gets seen very quickly. Another great advantage is that they can be reused as and when you need them. Read more about the advantages of a custom banner here. The most important thing with banners is positioning. You may want to focus on somewhere with a heavy footfall that appeals to your target audience. But, it’s always worth trying a few different locations to find what works best.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is perhaps the easiest and most effective form of advertising. As well as the oldest. Word of mouth advertising existed long before digital marketing and even before print. But, it still works. You just need to make sure it’s positive. Offer fantastic customer service and great special offers and really take the time to get to know your customers. They’ll remember and talk about you for a long time after their visits.

It can be a good idea to offer “recommend a friend” type deals to your loyal customers, or even to pay people to talk about you on the street, to maximize your appeal.

Print Your Story

Every business has a story. The tale of how and why you formed. Tell your story. Include some personal details about the founders of your business. Talk about their backgrounds and ambitions, then go into detail about why your company started, where it’s based and what it hopes to do. Make this story as personal as possible to ensure people can connect with it.

This is a good way to make people feel a part of something. It can get you noticed and increase word of mouth advertising. Print your story on your adverts, on promotional and marketing materials and even on the wall of your office.

Business Cards and Flyers

Business cards and flyers are very cheap and easy to print but can have a massive reach. They’re also very easy to hand out. Spend time coming up with some creative and eye-catching designs. Try to pass on key information, without using so many words that the details get lost. Use your color scheme, logo and branding, and be sure to include contact information. Make sure your designs are thoroughly checked for mistakes and errors before printing. Then, start handing them out. Hire someone to post flyers in the local area and to stick them on car windscreens. Then, start passing out business cards. Leave them with bills in restaurants and in card bowls. Hand them to people at trade shows and fairs, trying to make conversation and a great first impression when you do.


Think about what’s available in your local area. Is there a popular sports team or group that you could sponsor? Getting your logo printed on kits, stadiums and merchandise is a wonderful way to reach people, to get remembered and to build a positive association. Just make sure the team is something that your business should be associated with and not something you may want to be distanced from. If the team have a large local following, their loyalty might pass on to you.

TV Advertising

It can be strange to think that television advertising is now old-school. But, it is. Fewer people spend time watching traditional TV, and the budgets for such advertising are dropping. But, it can still be effective. Especially if you can create an informative and memorable advert.