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The Digital Careers You Might Want To Consider

We are beginning to live in the digital age where more things are online based these days. There is an abundance of information at the tips of our fingers waiting to be unveiled or indeed explored. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that more careers are becoming digital focused and there are a number of ways and career options you could be considered as your next move. I thought I would share with you what some of them are.




Smartphone application developer


Developing an application is a more common career these days than ever before. There is an app for everything and the thought process behind it is convenient and time-saving. So more people are considering a career in the software and development side. Either for themselves or as part of an agency developing a larger corporations application. If this is a career you are considering a little research online for popular articles, for example, from QASymphony, could help you to be more informed of the phases and development processes needed to create a successful application.


Become a blogger


Blogging has fast become a career for many online influencers these days, and more often than not, it will have started out as a hobby to share the passions and opinions of what they love. You can simply start by creating a blog and even do it in your spare time before making it your full-time career. There are many avenues of revenue to consider with this sort of career. For example, you could consider affiliate marketing, or get involved in sponsored campaigns.


What about vlogging?


Vlogging is an extension from blogging where in fact you share video content instead of written articles. Websites like YouTube enable you to set up a channel where you can then release videos. You could choose to do vlogs where you share parts of your life much like a mini reality TV series. Or you could simply sit in front of the camera and discuss what you want to say. There have been some hugely successful influencers all over the world that have made a career out of sharing their daily lives.


Consider website development


If you prefer working behind the scenes, then you may want to look into website development. It could be the best option for you. Creating and working with different software to create a website for companies or for yourself. Researching relevant code to create different digital functions. Experience in different software systems is advantageous, but most of which can be learned.


Social media and online marketing expert


Finally, social media isn’t just about sharing your status updates or pictures of your latest holiday. People can actually develop their marketing careers from being an expert in social media. From knowing when to post at the most optimised time to creating a social media strategy for brands and businesses. These days many companies are hiring social media experts to take care of this high flying marketing option for their business.


I hope this has inspired you to consider a digital career.