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The Foundations of Outstanding Business Premises

It’s easy to think of business premises as merely a functional space where you get work done, but they’re much more than that in practice. They’re an extension of your business and play a big role not just in how other people see the business, but how the business sees itself. As such, it’s important to consider the message that’s being sent by the premises. A well-put-together space will boost productivity, have a positive impact on visitors, and all-around push the business forward.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at business premises, running through some of the foundational aspects it’s important to keep in mind. 

The Location

If you’re already settled into your business premises, then there’ll be little you can do about the location. You’ll just have to hope that it works for your business — or, if it doesn’t work currently, then it will in the future when the area undergoes changes. The location of the site doesn’t just make it easier from a practical perspective (commuting to work, accepting deliveries); it also impacts the reputation of the business. A business with a coveted location is looked upon more favorably than one in an undesirable part of town. In some cases, having the right location can be extremely good for business (for example, if you rely on foot traffic and have a central location).

On Brand

Your company’s branding extends beyond marketing materials and tone of voice. It should touch upon every aspect related to the business, including the premises. It wouldn’t make much sense for a business that markets itself as a hip, forward-thinking brand to have traditional business premises. The style and decor of your premises tell workers and visitors that you’re the real deal, so it’s recommended to put your stamp on the building.

Clean, Tidy, and Visually Appealing

It can be easy to overlook wear and tear when you’re in a space every day. In many cases, you just don’t see it. However, visitors and new employees will see those imperfections, and depending on what they are, they may impact how they view your business. It’s important to invest in the maintenance of your building to ensure it’s always sending the right message. This could involve removing graffiti, working with a glass scratch removal company, or fixing any damaged signs. It’s also recommended to hire a cleaning company to keep your premises clean and tidy. Aside from helping your business make a good first impression, having clean and tidy premises also boosts worker productivity. 

Continued Evolution

Finally, remember that your work premises shouldn’t stay static for too long. The space should evolve in line with emerging trends. You don’t have to change your worksite every year, but making small adjustments every couple of years will help to keep things up to date, while a more wholesale renovation project every five years will ensure your business is at the cutting edge. Businesses suffer when they become viewed as “past it,” so make updating your decor a priority.