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The Skills That Will Make You Amazingly Employable Now and in the Future

Technology is not only changing the world we live it, it is also changing the skills needed to cope with it. As the digital world grows so does the need for good communicators, problem solvers, and collaborators. Of course, if you are tech savvy the world is your oyster, but you will still need the back up of people with other skills as well.

Problem Solving

Employees are faced with a whole different range of problems from years ago, and those that can find solutions will do well in their chosen profession. You need to be mentally alert and think logically to problem solve, and don’t dismiss out of hand suggestions from others.

You can practice problem-solving by looking at the bigger picture and keeping your mind open and flexible to all possibilities and by using resources such as Mind Tools.  This new world we are living in is presenting fresh challenges, and being known as an employee that can solve them is a huge advantage.

The more automated things become, the more the workforce rely on it, but what if something goes wrong? If you are there to solve the problem and get things running again, your skill will be noticed and you will become an even more valuable employee.

Be Creative

For many years, creative people were thought of as artists, writers and filmmakers. To some extent that is still true, except now there is far more scope to be creative in your job.

The explosion of technology and new innovations means there is a demand for creative people to work out ways this new technology can be used, and to create new services and products.

This point is demonstrated by the use of robots in the workforce. It was a person’s idea to create them, and come up with the ways they could be useful. Robots can be taught a lot of things, and artificial intelligence means you can even have a chat to them. This is all within the boundaries of their programming though, and creativity is not something that a robot has yet been taught to handle.

Being creative lets you show initiative. Coming up with fresh ideas and new designs will secure your job. If you have the ability to think quickly when questions are posed about your new creation that will be even more impressive.

Team Work

Being able to work as a member of a team can have its advantages. Working as a team is said to increase productivity, and some employers take this so seriously, they organize team-building events. These are meant to show employees how they can solve problems with each other’s help, and how by assisting one another, much more work gets done. It means that if one team member is overloaded with work, others will pitch in to help, and tasks get sorted much quicker. Teamwork often shows who has leadership qualities as well, and if you have this skill, your employability gets even better.

People management can be an important part of so many jobs and is likely to become more so in the future. Leading people to do things in the right way, and managing their challenges as they happen, are a skill that many professional people lack, and one that is highly valued.

First Aid Courses

It is said that in every workplace there should be someone with first aid skills. Hopefully, there will be no accidents in your place of work, but you never know. Workers are injured every day and there is not a type of employment that is exempt from accidents.

Being able to help someone that has been injured until professional help arrives can be a huge comfort to them, and sometimes a lifesaver. As part of the training you will have received when completing something like the American Heart Association CPR online course, you will not only know what to do should a medical emergency occur, but you will also know exactly what should be in a first aid box, and can make sure your place of employment has every first aid item it needs to ensure the staff are safe and well looked after in their times of need.

Having an employee with first aid knowledge is a bonus for any employer, and will always look good on your work record.

Be Flexible

In the past, being flexible did not matter so much. You had a job you did it and that was it. In this ever-changing working environment though, you need to be flexible because your job could change from one day to the next. You need to be able to adapt to new situations, new programs and maybe new people without a problem.

Industries and professions are evolving all the time as improvements in everything are being sought. Procedures and processes will change, and you should not try to stick with the old ways.


Be a good communicator. This does not mean sit chatting about the weather all day, or what is on TV tonight. You need to be able to communicate about your work in a confident way. If there are problems, or some huge achievement, let your management know in a concise and clear manner.

Misunderstandings cause more problems in life than many other things, and you do not want that to happen in your workplace because of something you have said.

If you have to write an email, make sure it makes the relevant point and do not waffle so the main topic is lost. Emails and messaging are an important part of today’s communication networks, and you should always be positive, polite and straight to the point.

Don’t Fear New Technology

New technology is not going to go away. It is here with us now and will continue to be developed for many years to come. Embrace new technology and show that you are by setting up virtual meetings with other members of the workforce that are in a different location. Don’t shy away when something new is introduced, be the first to learn how it can help in your working environment.

New innovations are being introduced into the workplace all the time, and in the majority of cases, they make the jobs simpler.  Sometimes though that is not the aim. They can be to make things safer or more secure, with hacking and viruses being as destructive as they are.

Getting More Qualifications

Apart from attending night school, you may be wondering how you can become more highly qualified while you are at work all day. The answer is online courses. All colleges and universities offer these, and you can fit them in around your lifestyle. You do exactly the same work and receive the same qualification as if you had attended a physical building.

The certificate you receive when you have completed all the work does not say whether you earned your qualification online or by attending college. It just says you have achieved it. Research does show though that employers are not bothered about the way you got your qualification, the fact you put the hard work in to achieve it is enough.

You usually have a longer time period to complete all your assignments, and will be able to get all the help you need from tutors by chatting to them online. Virtual classrooms are being used more often as well so that students and tutors can all interact with one another no matter where they are.

One of the big advantages of these online courses is that you can be in any part of the world and still complete them. Students from others countries take part in US online courses, just as students from the US do courses in other countries. They are also quite a lot cheaper than the same course in a college or university, which makes them more affordable as well.

What Would You Look For In An Employee?

Just for a while, imagine you are an employer looking for a new employee. What traits would you be looking for? You would want to know if they had the necessary qualification and skills to do the work first of all. If they have, do they appear to be good communicators? Are they scared by technology? Do they want to work on their own or as part of a team? Do they consider themselves to be a problem solver? Have they any other qualifications that might be useful, such as for a first aid course?

These are just some of the things employers might be asking themselves, and you should have the answers ready before you attend any interview. There are others things as well that have to be considered but are only found out after you start the job. For instance, are you a good timekeeper? Do you turn up every day, as you should? Are you a disruptive influence on the rest of the workforce? If the answer is yes to any of these questions do not expect to stay in the job for very long.

When seeking new employees, employers have to use their judgment from the information you have told them and from any references they have. They hope to get it right, but that is not always the case. It is up to you to ensure they have made the right decision when they ask you to join their workforce.