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You’ll Need These Traits To Succeed As A Business Pro


When you sink your teeth into business, you will have a long term goal in mind. It’s a goal that many business professionals share. You want to reach the top of the market, either by running and leading your own company. Or, by claiming a high up position in an existing business. How do you complete this goal? Well, there are a variety of options.


You could immediately set out to make your own company a success from day one. Many of the entrepreneurs on the market today are under thirty. As such, there is no minimum age or needed level of experience to make a business successful. Of course, this can be considered risky with around 97 percent of new startups failing within their first year. But that’s a lesson for another day.


Another possibility would be to climb up the business ladder. If you get good grades when you leave college, there will be a number of companies eager to hire you and employers willing to take you under their wing. The hope is that they will train you and eventually you will have the knowledge and experience to take a key position in their company. The downside is that you’re probably going to be working for very little pay at the start. But that’s just called paying your dues.


It is important to realise that not everyone will find success as a professional business man or woman. You need to have the right personality traits and the type of mindset that will make you an indispensable asset for a business owner or a fantastic company leader. So, let’s look at a few of the many traits that you should possess.




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It is absolutely crucial that you can get people to follow you when you’re running a business. Or, if you are hoping to rise to a higher position in a company. You need to make sure that people trust you enough to follow in your footsteps. That’s easier said than done because a lot of people assume that great leadership is all about authority and ensuring that you can become an authoritative figure. Of course, this does play a part, but the best leaders are also both likeable and charismatic. As such, authority is just one piece of the puzzle. You need fantastic communication skills too. You need to make sure that you can connect with different people, understand what they want or need and provide it for them. Some people are naturally born into leadership. It comes easy to them and if you were the captain of a sports team in school or the head of a social group that could be you.


If not, then leadership skills can be learned. There are plenty of courses both online and offered by universities to help you perfect your skills as a leader and ensure that people will follow.


Being A Closer


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Let’s think for a moment about business deals. Deals through business are what keeps the lights on and the systems running. Employers are always on the lookout for those key individuals who can close a deal with a solid handshake and a little charm. You could be working in the business as a procurement professional. That’s becoming a more crucial role in companies today as business owners depend on procurement professionals to get what they need. Knowing how to seal a deal will be key to being picked up and represented by specialists such as Portfolio Procurement. To be able to lock a deal and make sure that you get whatever your employer needs you must all be tactical. You need to be able approach issues and problems from different directions to make sure that you find the best solution.


Team Player


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If you are starting your career in business at the bottom of the ladder, then you need to be able to separate yourself from the crowds of other people who are down there with you. Don’t forget, not everyone is going to make the climb. The best way to separate yourself from the pack is to show that you are indeed a team player and are willing to go the extra miles. Let’s say for instance that you are deciding to work in a law firm as a business professional. On average legal professionals work 66+ hour weeks and don’t forget, that’s the average. This means there plenty who are working more than that. There’s not the only ones either with plenty of business offices open until late at night filled with employees who want to show they are willing to go that extra mile.




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It’s not quite fair to say that there’s no room for emotions in business. That’s just not true because feeling passionate is an emotion and there are plenty of people who have only found success as a business owner due to their passion or determination. However, you do have to try and take the emotion out of your decision making. This is true whether you are running a company or taking on a high up position. Eventually, you might reach a level where it will be up to you to decide who you keep on your team and who you let go. If emotion is involved in that decision, you might keep people who have been around for awhile but who have not been pulling their weight. Keeping people like this will make your business less effective and less productive. It’s just one example why emotion often needs to be left at the door of a business office.


As you can see then, success as a business professional takes more than a sharp mind and a determination to succeed. You need the right personality if you are going to reach the highest ranks of the business market. That’s true no matter what route you decide to take to the top. If you think the traits here describe you perfectly, you could become the next business champion, succeeding where so many fail.