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9 Ways to Drastically Cut the Costs of Living

Living costs can be incredibly costly, especially if you’ve been used to living a life that you can’t afford. Fancy dinners with your friends, expensive clothing and wild entertainment are common in the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and far too many people try to emulate that because they want to experience what it’s like to be wealthy. Sadly, living beyond your means has some serious financial implications and you usually have to make compromises or sacrifices in order to live that way. This could lead to some serious health issues or you might be in serious debt that you’re ignoring.


Living out of your means for an extended period of time is a terrible idea, so here are a couple of ways to help you cut the costs of living so you can be financially secure.

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1. Consider the effects of the things you purchase


Every time you purchase something, you need to consider the financial implications of it. For example, buying a car is obviously going to cost you a lot of money, so research the actual costs of owning and purchasing a car including all the hidden fees you haven’t considered and extras such as accessories or maintenance costs.


2. Slash your debt with smart tricks


Your debts are going to eat a lot of your monthly budget, especially if you’re still paying off a mortgage or something similar. You can usually cut down on your debt by renegotiating interest rates or paying it back earlier so you don’t incur more interest. Cutting debt isn’t easy, but you can find more information at if you’re serious about managing your debt. Debt consolidation works by reducing your debt into single monthly payments that are affordable for you. This means you won’t have to stress over paying several different companies, giving you more peace of mind and less frustration.


3. Know your luxuries and how to cut down


Luxury expenses are the enemy of anyone who wants to cut down the costs of living. Things such as on demand video subscriptions, magazines and video games can end up costing you a lot of cash, which is why it’s best to avoid them as much as possible, Some luxuries are fine, but you need to learn what luxuries are costing you the most money and how you can cut down on them to reduce your costs of living. This article from will give you some excellent examples of luxuries that you can afford to live without.




4. Cut the costs of your transportation


Commuting to and from work can be expensive, but if you’re willing to compromise (and often be healthier) you can cut down on the amount you spend. For instance, instead of taking the bus you can walk to work, or you could exchange your car for a bike if you want a healthier way to get around town. The biggest savings you can make here will be based on how willing you are to let go of your car in favour of public transportation and other cheaper methods.


5. Know the investments that will save you money


There’s a difference between buying luxuries for your own sake and buying them to save money. A smart light bulb, for instance, can often save you money because they’re cheaper to operate and have smart money-saving options, such as being able to automatically dim the lights when needed. This article from will give you more insight to how smart bulbs can save you money on your electricity bill.


6. Reducing the costs of eating


Food is something we all need to pay for. Sadly, getting the right nutrients and minerals can be difficult if you aren’t already paying some attention to it. If you dine out on a regular basis or buy lots of expensive ingredients at your supermarket, then it’s worth taking a look at your spending habits so you can cut down on your grocery bill. It helps to plan your meals in advance so you can look at how many calories and nutrients you’re eating, and cutting down on how often you visit the grocery store can also impact the amount of money you save.




7. Learn how to spot a great deal


Great deals aren’t hard to come by, but it takes a trained eye to spot them in a sea of supermarket deals and offers. To learn how to spot a great deal, consider looking on the internet and subscribing to any kind of deal services that relay the latest and greatest offers to you. When you next go shopping, look for things such as volume and weight when purchasing something, and always do your research. If you need a new toaster, then you’d be wise to look at reviews before purchasing one that’s 50% off because there’s a chance that it isn’t reliable.


8. Cutting insurance costs


Insurance is another expense that we all have to deal with, but there are ways to cut down on insurance. For instance, to reduce your car insurance, you can store your vehicle in a garage to reduce the chances of it being stolen. You can also install security devices so it’s easier to track should it be lost and you can also reduce the costs based on your driving habits and experience. Ask your insurance company to review your plan if you’re curious about the savings you can make.


9. Learn to part with your belongings


Lastly, we can’t forget about parting with our belongings. Perhaps you own a lot of clothes that no longer fit you, or maybe you have a large book collection that you’d like to see go to a better home. Parting with your belongings not only declutters your home to prepare it for more things, but it also nets you a bit of money if you find the right buyer that can appreciate what you’re selling.